What You Can Do With Your Original Retro Computer Monitor

What You Can Do With Your Original Retro Computer Monitor

Now that most of us are using modern technology in our daily lives, retro computer monitors just don’t seem to belong anymore. Over the years, the image of these vintage computers fades into the background. Many of them are isolated and you can only view them in museums. Nonetheless, they are still perfectly functional gadgets. On top of that, they have got style. People still view in black keyboard and monitor for their style. Many are still interested to own it. The reason that a retro computer monitor is so popular is that they can look just as good, if not better, than a new one. This is because the old retro computer monitors used to be so incredibly popular that they were all the rage in every possible computer store across the United States for several years.

If you have one, isolated, sitting around the corner, and gathering dust on your desk all these years, here are some things you can do with your retro computer monitor. Instead of it stored away from your other forgotten things, you can take advantage of it and be useful. This monitor is even more durable than the flat screens we have today. Just read some tips below.

Use it as an extra computer monitor in your home or office.

Sometimes, work becomes easier when there are two monitors around. If you can’t set it up as a classic dual-monitor desktop, you can still have the retro computer monitor as a second working computer. A second retro computer desktop can be used for other work purposes. People can use it just for showing background image, doing a classic search, or for other working purposes. Just add a keyboard on your desk, and you’re good to go.

Turn your old computer desktop into a TV.

Another way to make use of your old PC desktop is to turn it into a TV. Many people turn old computers into TV whether they are still working or not. There are instructions online on how to do it. Or you can also visit PC shops to transform it into a working TV with a price.

Reuse every part.

If your retro computer monitor is no longer working, there are still ways to make use of it. For one, some of its parts are still valuable and can be used for other purposes. If you have retro computers and a keyboard, search for original parts and give it a new classic look. You can also look on different shops that sell PC parts for retro parts you can use for monitor and other parts.

Sell or donate your retro computer monitor to vintage museums.

Many computer museums are displaying rare and highly-prized classic retro computers. If you have an original PC you can sell for a price, vintage computer museums will accept it. You can also donate it if you want. Considering the classic style of computers and if it is original, you can definitely get a good price. You can view and download content online for catalogs on how much is the current price of retro monitors, keyboard, and other items.


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