Interesting Vintage Computer Museum Spots in the World

Interesting Vintage Computer Museum Spots in the World

If you are a history, technology, computer geek, and a fan of a collection of original vintage items, one of the most interesting things and places to visit when you are traveling is a vintage computer museum. Have a trip down memory lane as you check out the beginnings of today’s modern computers. Before we had this digital technology, everything started on these original vintage computers with a rare and admirable software system and technology. In many university events every year, spending on a vintage computer site highlights these. But for a lot of people who want to spend their time on travel, you can head online and check the site of interesting vintage computer museum spots in the world.

vintage computer museum
vintage computer museum

Below is a list of some interesting computer museums around the world that will let your trace the history and time of PCs, video machines, and others.

Computer History Museum – Mountain View, California

This museum was established in 1996 in Mountain View, California to present stories, history, and a collection of artifacts of the information age. Here, you can explore rare things like computers, video machines, and other digital items that will help people understand the computing revolution and its value to society.

Nexon Vintage Computer Museum – Jeju Island, South Korea

This place opened in 2013 and is known as the first permanent museum in Korea dedicated to the history of PC and video game. Today, it houses a collection of 6,900 items which includes software, video game consoles, and other system artifacts. They have on display the original Apple I, Commodore PET, IBM Personal Computer, and classic Korean computers such as Zemix V.

IBM Hursley Museum – Hampshire, England

IBM Hursley Museum is a computing museum that showcases the history of IBM Corporation, IBM Hursley Park, and IBM United Kingdom. People who visit here may also have the time to spend in the research and development laboratory.


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