Blast From the Past: People’s Fascination with Retro Future Computer

You probably have seen all those vector art of futurism, cyberpunk, and abstract representation of computers from the past. But there’s a reason why we see these vector and abstract art, especially around a retro future computer. A retro future computer is a computer that is built today around the concepts and principles of an old, futuristic computer from long ago. It has certain qualities, aesthetic, and design that are associated with computers that have been used in the past, such as memory, processing speed, and power. Today, retro futuristic computers are more like an upgrade but with the same vibe of the classic, vintage design and aesthetic of the past. People will have the option of upgrading their computers as well as downloading the programs they want to use it as a vintage or retro item.

All of this is built around the concept of retrofuturism. If futurism is all about the science of anticipating the future, retrofuturism is the science of remembering those futuristic ideas from long ago. In today’s advanced technology, many people are fascinated with re-imagining what those classic and vintage computers, cool robot and rocket machines in the night, flying car ideas, rocket ships would have felt now. Retrofuturism and futurism are what shapes this fascination today.

The Japanese in particular are in the midst of cutting edge technology. Many are fascinated by applying retrofuturism in their work. All the ideas of a cool robot and rocket machine in the night, a flying car, and abstract cyberpunk game were all just part of the futurism of the past. Today, the possibilities are endless. Students in university now build those past ideas for our future. In fact, in university, you will be able to learn how these old ideas can be brought to life.

In today’s world, the possibilities are endless. We can imagine a future where all the dreams of the past are made possible.

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