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The Nostalgia in Retro Roblox Videos

Everyone loves a little bit of nostalgia. Whether you’re into music, television, fashion, or anything else, retro is always coming back in style. Even online games are seeing a huge resurgence of old-school gaming trends. If you’re an avid Roblox player, then you probably already know that there are plenty of awesome retro-inspired builds in Roblox videos.

Why Retro Games Are So Popular

It’s no secret that games from the ‘80s, ‘90s, and early 2000s are experiencing a huge surge in popularity. With retro-themed bars, read more

Tetris Game: A Classic Game That’s Impossible to Stop Playing

Tetris is one of the most recognizable video game franchises of all time. It is a game created in 1984 by Alexey Pajitnov. The Tetris Company is the exclusive licensee of the company, Tetris Holding LLC, which owns the Tetris rights worldwide.

Its iconic Tetris gameplay and that hypnotic Tetris theme song music have made it a classic for nearly three decades. You can play it on a game boy, Nintendo switch, or even on a phone via an official mobile app of a video game. Today, it remains relevant read more

How to Start Your Own Retro Video Game Store

Whether you’re a retro gamer looking for old games or a new game to play, or you’re just interested in selling games, starting your own retro video games store is the way to go. Not only will it give you an opportunity to sell your games, but it also offers some unique advantages.

For one, you can set up a gaming store that is different from others. Additionally, setting up and running a retro video game store can be a fun and rewarding project. You’ll get to know your customers and develop read more

Vintage Keyboards: 4 Things To Look For

There is a lot to love about vintage keyboards. You get the classic mechanical feel and tactile feel, along with the nostalgic memories that come from having this type of keyboard in your hands. For many, collecting a backlit mechanical keyboard is a dream come true. However, there are a few things to look out for when picking up a mechanical keyboard with a retro classic design.

However, finding a good vintage keyboard can be difficult. Just like looking for a computer read more

How to Choose the Best Retro Gaming Computer

In today’s super-advanced gaming technology, it’s always a good idea to take a step back and relish the thrill and fun of the past. After all, retro games are so much fun. But the problem is, finding the best retro gaming computer to play these games can be hard to come by. While you can play retro games on today’s modern consoles and computers, nothing beats playing them on actual vintage hardware. Some retro video gaming console works best on old windows systems read more

What You Can Do With Your Original Retro Computer Monitor

Now that most of us are using modern technology in our daily lives, retro computer monitors just don’t seem to belong anymore. Over the years, the image of these vintage computers fades into the background. Many of them are isolated and you can only view them in museums. Nonetheless, they are still perfectly functional gadgets. On top of that, they have got style. People still view in black keyboard read more

Tips When Visiting a Retro Computer Store

If you are looking to collect an antique computer, retro parts, cable, disk drive, video card game, and accessories, or just want to purchase new computers then consider looking into a retro computer store. You will find many different styles and models of these computers on display at these stores. Whether you are looking for an Atari or Amiga. You have better chances of getting lower bids in a retro computer shop. Other retro computer stores may specialize in selling only older read more

Blast From the Past: People’s Fascination with Retro Future Computer

You probably have seen all those vector art of futurism, cyberpunk, and abstract representation of computers from the past. But there’s a reason why we see these vectors and abstract art. Most especially around a retro future computer.  This type of computer is a computer that is built today around the concepts and principles of an old, futuristic computer from long ago. Memory, processing read more

Interesting Vintage Computer Museum Spots in the World

If you are a history, technology, computer geek, and a fan of a collection of original vintage items, one of the most interesting things and places to visit when you are traveling is a vintage computer museum. Have a trip down memory lane as you check out the beginnings of today’s modern computers. Before we had this digital technology, everything started on these original read more

Tips on Finding Retro Computer Repair Shops

Retro computers are starting to become popular again. Many retro computer repair shops and online websites have them, which is why many people are interested to get them. And like all gadgets, they need maintenance and repair too. Some get it customized and some need to repair all parts altogether. Not all computer repair shops know how to fix or customize a retro computer. This is why finding a reliable one is important.

Here are some tips on finding a trusted retro computer shop.

Look for recommendations of retro computer repair online.

Nowadays, the read more