Month: December 2019

Preserving Memories with a Retro Computer Collection

A retro computer collection can be a great way to preserve those old memories and enjoy the nostalgia of a certain era in the future. This is especially the case if you’re looking to get into the video game industry or if you are interested in playing the classics for your own entertainment, such as games from Atari. Many people are still interested to collect a bit of read more

What is a Retro Style Computer and Why People Are Raving About It

Retro style computer cases have made a great comeback and people are no longer shy about showing off their computers and accessories with retro-style computer cases. A retro style computer is not necessarily a classic vintage computer of the past. It can be a modern computer or newer technology, but the classic style and aesthetic behind it is inspired by retro computers. For instance, it has an art, case, or screen case that is similar to the white old Apple Mac or vintage video gaming device.

A read more